Places to eat and drink

There is plenty to do and see in and around Beacon Street and there are plenty of places to eat and drink too. Here we will give you a quick look at some of the best places for you to eat and drink in and around Beacon Street.

Beacon Hill Bistro

This bustling French-style bistro and exploding corner pub sit at the floor of this enchanting Beacon Hill Hotel. Jump the massive line in the Paramount only across the road and tuck into some more lowkey brunch encounter.

The Hungry I

If you are unable to take your lover to the City of Light for diner à deux, this beautiful French bistro in a restored 1840s brownstone living up to its impressive reputation with three small antique-appointed dining rooms wonderfully lit with candlelight. In the winter, be sure to request a table by the fireplace; in the summer, get yourself out to the hidden garden patio. No matter where you sit, this Beacon Hill fixture is a magical setting for classic dishes like duck à l’orange, or venison cooked in cognac.


With places in Beacon Hill and the South End, Pressed is targeted towards on-the-go drinkers as well as the health-conscious. Fresh-pressed juices and juices are showcased, along with the”Greens” menu provides innovative, clean, healthful meal options such as”superfood sushi” with components like sweet potato and burdock, root vegetable pad thai, roasted beets, and lentils.

21st Amendment

On the outside, there is nothing especially interesting about this little, low-ceilinged pub. The 21st is the greatest off-hour politico pub; you may well place a few in there on”business lunches.”

A brief history of Beacon Street

It isn’t to be mistaken with the Beacon Street in neighboring Somerville or some other elsewhere.

Beacon Street starts as a one-way road in the junction of Tremont Street and School Street. From that stage, it climbs up Beacon Hill to get a block in which it matches Park Street Facing this Massachusetts State House. From this junction it descends Beacon Hill as a two-lane, bi-directional road till it reaches Charles Street. In Charles Street, it will become a one-way route that runs throughout the Back Bay area till it reaches Kenmore Square.

From there it moves Boston College since it winds its way into the city of Newton, in which it strikes Centre Street to make the defining intersection of Newton Centre, matches Walnut Street in”Four Corners” near the Newton Cemetery, also goes via Waban during its intersection with Woodward Street.


Beacon Street originally formed the west coast of Boston Common, also has been extended across the Charles River Basin as a dam which could later form the coast involving a narrowed river along with the recently filled-in Back Bayneighborhood. The component of Beacon Street west of Kenmore Square was initially laid out in 1850. Railroad tracks were laid in 1888 for what could eventually develop into the contemporary Green Line”C” Branch.

In Popular Culture

Robert McCloskey’s 1941 children’s publication Make Way for Ducklings Comes with a mother duck leading her eight ducklings around Beacon Street, with the Assistance of four members of this Boston Police Department.

The Beacon Street Girls Collection of preteen novels is place around Beacon Street in Brookline.

Nanci Griffith’s 1987 record Lone Star State of Mind includes a tune Named Beacon Street.

Beacon Street is the place of this fictional pizza living”Beacon Street Pizza” through the initial season of the sitcom Two Guys and a Girl.

1121/2 is the speech of the literary pub Cheers. The true place of the outside shots is 84 Beacon Street.

The Unitarian Universalist Association was able to confuse the amounts on this road. Back in 1927, moving from 25 Beacon Street down the road, they desired to maintain the number 25, and convinced that the legislature to pass a legislation to maintain it.

In Rick Riordan’s”Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard” a chief character owns a store on Beacon Street and the store looks several times during the show.