Arts Quest

Discovering, Expressing, Celebrating the Wonders of the Creative Spirit...

through the Arts

Taught by Susan F. Field, poet, playwright, and educator,  these workshops will encourage innovative, sincere, joyful, spontaneous, and reflective expressions of the creative spirit through a variety of art forms.

To be surprised, to wonder, is to begin to understand. (Philosopher Jose Ortega Y Gasset)

The purpose of the Creative Arts Workshops are to tap into, nurture, and to celebrate the creative potential inherent in children and in people of all ages, from the most shy to the most outgoing.  In a very supportive enviroment, a variety of creative thinking/learning activities through the Arts--Creative Writing, Poetry, Visual Arts, Music, Drama -- will be explored.

Through each art form, each person will be given the opportunity to voice originality of their own creative thinking.  The wonders of the actual creative process itself will be emphasized as much as a completed creative project.

It is the hope of  Ms. Field that as a result of the insights gained into the strength of each person's creative potential and uniquely individual creative style people will be encouraged to share their creative thoughts and works that might express...the "depth of the moment" ...the "extradordinary in the ordinary" ...multi-level thinking...and simply the sheer wonders of the creative spirit!

A bird does not sing because it has an answer --it sings because it has a song.
-Chinese Proverb-

Susan F. Field, Poet, playwright and educator, with laser beam intimacy gives recognition to the internal rhythms of life through her writing.  Her musings on age, self-realization, and vulnerability are concieved in an introspective, unfettered style.  Published in numerous poetry journals, Susan Field has given poetry readings and full-length poetry performances in Chicago and nationally.

Before joining Patricia Murphy, as Co-Director of Chicago's Beacon Street Gallery & Theatre in 1990, Susan was an English teacher for 16 years; her work about problems faced by intuitively-gifted children has been published in educational journals such as The Reading Teacher and Gifted and Creatively Talented Children.  With Murphy's visual art as the set, Ms. Field's play One Gold Tooth was presented at Hull House Art Center in 1988.  Their creative partnership has continued since that time.  Their full length interdisciplinary arts production, Inversion, called a "stunning blend of confrontation and introspection," was performed at galleries across the country and recieved a "Critic's Pic" in Boston.

Susan F. Field, B.A., English from University of Illinois in Champaign, M.S., Secondary Education; co-director of Beacon Street Gallery and Theatre in Chicago and Geneva; high school English teacher for 16 years in the Elgin Public Schools; published poet; produced playwright; performance artist.  A Geneva resident, Susan has authored articles on the special needs of intuitively gifted children. Field most recently performed her new one-woman show entitled Moon Milk with visuals by Murphy, at Chicago's Truman College in the Pegasus Theatre.

Field has been conducting Creative Arts Workshops for multi-aged participants in the Chicago area.  Each workshop encourages innovative, sincere, joyful, spontaneous, and deeply reflective expressions of the creative spirit through poetry, art, movement, and drama.  To Field, the wonders of creative potential are inherent in people of all ages and must be nurtured and celebrated and interwoven into everyday life!

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